Our history

Its beginnings: Pentecostal Church Path to Eternal Life was founded on September 25, 1991, by Pastor Juan H. Interiano.

The birth of the Pentecostal Church Path to Eternal Life arises: when a group of 12 brothers united in prayer and with the desire that God be glorified, gathered in a basement of the house of brother Carlos Interiano in Gaithersburg, Maryland, crying out To God they received the vision of the name of the mission that God wanted to raise, and its where the name, Path to Eternal Life is revealed to them.

Having received confirmation of his call to do the work to which God had called him, Pastor Juan Interiano and together with that group of brothers, they continued to preach the word of God. After two months God began to glorify himself by saving souls and the group was growing. Therefore, they came to the need to rent a place at Casey Community of Gaithersburg, MD on March 15, 1991. Receiving great blessings, souls surrendering to Christ, captives being liberated, sick being healed by the power of God.

In 1992, the congregation marched towards new aspirations among them the radio broadcasting project: this was how the "voices of power" program was born, which later changed to be called "voices of blessing", which it was a great blessing reaching God's word into prisons, hospitals and the entire metropolitan area.

Arduously working; pastor and the congregation, preaching the Word of God they began to see the fruits of that work, it was also in the year 1997 the church proceeded to purchase the property where its currently located in Damascus Giving God the confirmation that he was opening doors for the growth of his work.

Always with the vision of "Go and Preach the gospel to every creature" (Mark 16:15), the family groups (Home Groups) are established. Giving God through this method the reach of the families in the metropolitan area of Maryland, Washington and Virginia.

In 1999, the radio and television programming "Word of Eternal Life" was born with a message to the nations, God began to open doors through these means that have spread throughout Central America, South America, Caribbean Islands And therefore some states of the American Union, which is now transmitted online 24/7 with music from heaven and the word of God.

On August 11, 2008, God gives us the privilege of seeing a new church plant in Winston Salem, which is pastored by our brother Jose Alvarez with his wife Marina Alvarez.

In May 2012 another new church plant began inCharlotte, NC, feeling the call from God the pastor Alfredo Jimenez and his wife Reina Jimenez.

In June of 2016 the work began in Hagerstown, MD, currently shepherding Brother Carlos Interiano and his wife Daisy Interiano.

We thank God for the progress of his work in this nation.

God also began to glorify in the country of El Salvador, starting a church plant in the city of Jiquilisco, Usulutan in the year 2013.

In 2016 God is also glorified in the city of Chirilagua, San Miguel, El Salvador where a group of brothers in need of God and the cover of a ministry decide and are guided by God to join the Mission Path to Eternal Life, having before God laid the burden on his servant Juan Interiano raise new church plants in his native  country, El Salvador.

God has glorified himself in a special way and has continued to broaden his work, in this current year 2017 has allowed to open another new work in Berlin, Usulutan El Salvador which is growing day by day.

The vision to evangelize nations through a message of salvation and power which is preached in homes (home groups) continues and through different means of communication radio, television & internet.

God bless and continue to support our ministry and our general pastor Juan H. Interiano to perform this great work for the glory and honor of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen !!


Juan Interiano

Founder and Senior Pastor

Juan Interiano was born in the neighborhood of San Juan San Rafael East, department of San Miguel el Salvador Centro America, on December 21, 1961. Being the son of Leonidas de Jesús Interiano and Maria Neles Aparicio.

He finished high school in 1976 at the Alberto Masferrer School in San Rafael Oriente.

He was born again on Sunday, December 21, 1981, in Guatemala. He was baptized in water on May 7, 1982 in the church Assemblies of God of San Rafael Oriente, San Miguel. God gave him the Privilege of being a teacher of Children in the same Church.

It was at the beginning of 1982 that God gave the privilege of meeting Miss Noemí Romero, they were united in marriage the day September 11, 1982 with whom she has procreated four children: Noemí Yamileth, Nelis Verónica, Heriberto and Nancy Elizabeth.

Supported the development of the new Fuente De Vida church in Barrio La Merced in 1984, as assistant pastor. In January of 1991 He was called to the ministry opening the "Path to Eternal Life" with three families, which today God has given the growth of 700 people.

In 1994 he obtained his certificate of the third year of the Biblical Institute of the Christian Assemblies. God granted him the privilege of graduating from a Bachelor of Theology degree from International Theology Seminary. He entered the Latin University of Theology in January 2002, receiving a Doctor of Theology in Pastoral Ministry on May 26, 2005.
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